Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown
Please say:

  • Which water body is that?
  • How do you know about it?
  • Why does it impress you so much?

India is blessed with multiple rivers to nourish its lands. India is a land of countless rivers, lakes, beaches which plays a part and parcel in nurturing it. Today, I would like to speak about one very important river flowing in India and that is the river Ganga, which people sometimes also called the Ganges.

It is considered as a divine river and treated similar to a Goddess amongst the Hindus. It has significant myths associated with Hindu culture. It is said that by taking a dip into the rivers water one can get relieved of the sins they have committed in the past.

It is the longest river flowing in India emerging out of the foot of the Himalayas in the north and falls into the Bay of Bengal in the east. It has a plethora of tributaries such as Yamuna, Ramganga, and Ghagra man others

Its water is available throughout the year making the plains of India one of the most fertile flood plains of the world. Not only the plains but also the bank of the river is highly fertile and people harvest golden crops. The water of River Ganga is widely used for agriculture purpose.

Ganga had been a huge help in the tremendous prosperity and economic progress of India. All these features made this river bliss for India and its countrymen.

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