About us

We are a group of active, extremely enthusiastic professionals with steadfast adherence and an unwavering focus on equipping our students with English communication skills that facilitate them to accomplish their aspirations.

We have a comprehensive, individual-centric method that enables us to reliably deliver outstanding results. Our logo symbolizes that students after taking guidance under us get a huge boost of confidence in them. We feel proud of our on our ways of teaching and delivering lectures which helps students in fulfilling their objectives. Our trainers have a thorough understanding of the IELTS exam that shoots from their robust language skills, extensive experience and focus on enhancing their skill set.

We are the one-stop solution provider for all students and professionals who desire to pursue their higher studies and enhance their career abroad. With our assistance, our clients/students are bound to achieve great heights and succeed in fulfilling their dreams.

At IELTS Oracle, customer service is a passion and is a vital part of our distinctiveness. We are persistently pondering over ways to enhance the overall client/student experience. We treat the goals and aspirations of our students as our goals. We strongly believe that our success lies in the success of our students.

The very first thing which makes us different from others is our everyday skill improvement sessions. This feature gives students the assurance and confidence that they are progressing every single day. To improve their writing skills, trainers make the students attempt tasks in front of them. They discuss every step in detail so that students can understand the question and provide feedback at every step. Similarly, reading and speaking sessions are conducted in which they are given every single instruction to score better. As a result, students gain the confidence that they are definitely going to ace IELTS.

The next specialty is ‘no fixed schedules or material’. Unlike other institutes, there is no set pattern or material, rather we work according to the student’s caliber. We understand that all fingers are not alike, so we give them the liberty to learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Learning is fun. At IELTS Oracle we turn it into reality. Digital classes for teaching the concepts are real fun – be it a grammatical concept or learning to develop creative thinking.

The teacher-student bonding gives them the boost which drives them to work diligently consistently. The trainers are not only qualified but also approachable which makes this place disparate. All in all, it’s not about clearing IELTS, our vision is to improve their linguistic skills. We make sure that the student is learning something each day.