Spoken English

Learning to speak English is not like learning any other subject for say history or mathematics. There is no single textbook which can make us the champions of English language and give us enough wisdom to speak 100% fluent English. To begin with the speaking of any language, one needs to first learn, the basic structure underlying beneath that language and that structure is what we call is Grammar.

Grammar provides the information that is helpful to the reader’s comprehension. It is the underlying structural components of grammar, which allows the reader to understand the precise meaning that a writer aims to convey. Grammar is the systematic study that helps us to understand, how the words and component parts combine to form meaningful sentences, and helps ensuring clarity of communication.

You need to find such a foundation for you where you can learn English with no hustle and issue. These foundations help you to understand fitting data of the English language. It help you to make sense of how you can talk it with no hitch. If you are looking for an English Speaking course in Mohali, by then, IELTS Oracle in Mohali is the best for you.

With our spoken English course we are committed to give you the great learning experience with ensured results, and this course will definitely help you to develop enough confidence. So that you can represent yourself anywhere without being fearful of English speaking nightmares.


  1. Whenever we encounter any strange and unknown new thing we start getting bothered by it; but with our strenuous and well-planned efforts we have designed this course in a very lucid manner. Which can help our aspirants learn and make best use of English language progressively with proper usage of grammar.
  2. So our first task will be the grammatical concepts clearance. Here we will clear the basics of English language and build the proper foundation of the grammatical concepts. Different rules that are to be taken care of while framing the sentences will be taught in this step.
  3. Then our second task would be to learn and effectively apply the Translation method of learning. Being unfamiliar with any other language, our thoughts and emotions come in our known, native and mother-tongue language. So we will ensure that those emotions are taken care of efficiently, and are effectively given appropriate words which are translated from the known language to the English language.
  4. Proceeding with our third stage, we will start with the spoken English sessions, whereby we will conduct numerous Group discussions, mock face-to-face interviews, Roleplays, telephonic conversations, speech and presentations, and similar other rounds which will make one confident in speaking English language confidently.
  5. And our last aim would be to enhance and enrich your English vocabulary, where we will daily provide you certain common words and phrases used on a regular basis in day-to-day conversations. It is worth noting that this part is interestingly the one of the most important part, as unless you know what you have to say you can’t say it.

Advantages of taking this course

  1. This course will help you learn in enriching your English vocabulary.It will also refine your English pronunciation in a natural speaking manner.
  2. It will definitely boost your confidence and will ensure that you as an individual represent the language.
  3. This course will help you in correct usage of grammar and appropriate sentence formation.
    It will remove your public speaking fear, where you can fluently speak in English with your audience, without any hesitation. And this is the best way to become fluent in any language, overcoming all possible fears.

Success is less about intensity and more about consistency. So with consistent efforts, hard work and practice, your English speaking nightmare can be easily defeated. Forget all the reasons that it won’t work but believe in one reason that it will, and with our course we provide you that one reason.Grab this opportunity and join Best english speaking institute in mohali