IELTS cue card Talk about an unusual meal
Please say:

  • When did you eat it?
  • Where did you eat it?
  • With whom you had that meal?
  • Describe why you found it unusual?

Food is one of the most important necessities which a person requires to live. A person needs to eat food to have the energy for survival. Today, I would speak about an exceptional feast I had. It was prepared by my mother on my 12th birthday. My mother is an excellent cook, and she always receives compliments when she makes anything on special occasions. Unfortunately that year I was a little under the weather, hence, I chose to celebrate my birthday at home. However, my mother knows my desire to celebrate the day with my friends, so she planned a little surprise for me. She cooked many delicious dishes and to make the surprise a little more alluring she prepared something very unusual for the very first time

My mother organized a small party without me knowing about it. She invited some of our close relatives along with some of my classmates in the evening. Like all the other caring and loving mothers, my mother is too worried about my health and she always stopped me from having too many candies, chocolates in my childhood. My mother tries to keep me away from things that are detrimental to my health, and not have any nutritious value. That day she made something from carrots, khoya, milk, ghee, and dry fruits. She grilled the mashed carrots in ghee on firstly, then after that, she put some khoya and milk along with sugar. When it got dried and water got evaporated from it, she put some crushed dry fruits in it.

In the evening, when I wake up I saw my cousins in my room, I was really elated to saw them. They were all there to celebrate my birthday, although I was not at the pink of my health yet I tried to enjoy those moments with them, after all, they all are there for my birthday. I cut the cake and later we had dinner. It was served as a desert; I was in cloud nine when I tried it for the first time. It was remarkably delicious. I enjoyed it with my friends; everyone praised my mother after enjoying the dish. Later that unusual dish became one of my favorites.

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