Talk about an interesting old person you metTalk about an interesting old person you met

Please say:

  • Who this person is?
  • Where did you meet with him/her?
  • What characteristics you most like in him/her?
  • Why you admire this person? 


Well, in my life I met lots of senior persons. Whenever I find the time I like to spend my time with old aged people because I really enjoy their company as they have so much to share about their experiences and memories of old times when people were more of humans than machines.

The elderly person for whom I have high regard and I admire is my grandma. She lives in a village near to the city Ludhiana, a district of Punjab. She has always been a compassionate and caring person.

I knew her since my birth and I grew up and spent my adolescent in the shadow of her love and affection. She used to play lots of games with us and also told us intriguing stories carrying moral messages. Later, when we moved to the city for our better education, she opened a small school. She started teaching girls about knitting and weaving along with primal education. My grandmother is an extremely skilled person and a wise woman. She is a generous person and always tries to aid a needy person with everything possible. Due to her generous personality and caring nature people in the village have huge regard for her.

She taught me umpteen important lessons of life such as truthfulness, being impartial and having faith in myself even in the toughest times. Sometimes, she criticizes my work just to inspire me to work harder. The qualities she possesses make her a unique person and I believe many people do idolize her as their role model. I respect her from the bottom of my heart not because she is my grandmother but because she is an inspiration to me.