Talk about an exercise or a trick that helps you concentrate at home or at work

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    Talk about an exercise or a trick that helps you concentrate at home or at work
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  • Why is it important for you to concentrate?

We all know that world is full of distractions and noises so sometimes it gets too hard to focus on work or study specially now in the era of industrialization. Today, I’m going to talk about something that helped me in concentrating my mind and changed my life.

Well, I am pursuing a 4 year master’s course in finance and accounts. It is a full-time course which involves a plethora of lectures, practical work, long hours in college, research assignments, & project work in the library, besides other responsibilities – all of them started taking their toll on me. I had a problem in concentration and was not able to focus on one thing for a long period of time. I became frazzled, sleep deprived & grouchy. I was generally annoyed, irascible & gloomy.

My acquaintances posed an intercession & apprise me that they were concerned for me, this avowal really awakened me. I thought I could manage the pressure but seeing them undergo the side effects of my work-holism, I resolute to do something regarding this situation. I wanted to change my personality.

People try miscellaneous techniques to amplify their concentration levels. I heard a lot about yoga & I think different people have their distinct perception about it. Many say it’s just a waste of time, while others averse it. So, after pondering over a great deal of thoughts & deliberations, I prospected to give it a try. So I visited a yoga center in my vicinity for 3-4 days. My colleagues said I looked more contented & revived. I myself noticed a change in my aura & efficiency. This change compelled me to redefine my outlook on things; I noticed that minute things do in fact matter.

As the result, last month I registered for yoga classes in the morning. I regularly do yoga and meditation there in the morning. It brought me the desired change in my personality & enhanced my social life along with my productivity.

In this fast-paced society, we have forgotten the real essence of life. We should keep on making experimental changes in our life. Last but not least, this change had a favorable influence on me and also boosted my concentration power. I will absolutely continue to do yoga in the future too.

Discussion Question

Question 1- Do you always do the exact same thing to concentrate?

Ans – Well, mostly the same, but still the exceptions exist. Like when near a source of noise, you are helpless, and I have experienced such a situation while travelling in a train. In such a situation, I close my eyes and relax.

Does it help you every time?

Of course, I switch over to another one, in case I am not comfortable with one

Why do people find it difficult to concentrate?

The main reason behind unable to get on the beam is an addiction to distractions like cell phones.

It is not uncommon these days to check the feed every time the phone beeps.

Why can’t people be more focused nowadays?

I suppose either they try to accomplish multiple tasks at a time or they are taken away by the easier but vague work.