Talk about a water sport you would like to do in futureTalk about a water sport you would like to do in future
Please say:

  • What that water sport is?
  • Where you would like to do it?
  • Why you want to do it?
  • What special equipment you need to do it?

Sports are a prerequisite to stay hale and hearty as it provides a chance to activate the muscles, I too have a keen interest in sports, especially the water sports.
Since my childhood I am very much inclined towards indulging into water based games. Even I have learnt swimming at the age of five. My father always boosts me to do water based activities because he also has a keen interest in the same and till now apart from swimming I have done river rafting, parasailing, kneeboarding, kayaking and canoeing as well but never did snorkeling which I would like to do in the upcoming days. I have a great zeal to witness marine life in their own habitat. Like, the sources of their survival, beautiful multicolored trivial fishes in the bunches and other sea creatures which normally we do not get to see.

Moreover, dolphins are my most favourite ocean dwellers and I would like to watch it in their natural surroundings. I am planning to visit south India a coastal area next year with my friends. Specifically, Tamil Nadu the most beautiful place in India and adjacent to indian ocean where I am planning to experience this activity with them as they also have similar taste like me and we are going to have a gala time together. Additionally, a very few equipments are needed to perform this particular activity and that is a diving mask, fins, and a hollow tube called a snorkel which is a pipe that helps to breathe underwater. With just a few apparatuses and a little bit of time, I can fulfil my desire.
All in all, this is that one particular water sport which I really want to experience one day.