Talk about a TV Program that made you laugh a lot.

Please say:

  • What is the program?
  • When and with whom you watched it?
  • What are the characters?
  • Why did it make you laugh?

Television has become a necessary household device which everyone has in their homes. It is a huge source of entertainment as well as information. One can watch a variety of programs to entertain oneself such as movies, sports, cartoons, and many others. Channels based on news, share market, and sciences are highly informative. I generally watch the news on Television and seldom attune a comedy program. However, there is an exception, to be more precise, I never miss to watch “Mr. Bean” whenever I am in stress as it acts as a stress buster for me.

Mr. Bean is the solo character in this program. The character of Mr. Bean is played by none other than Rowan Atkinson. He’s funny because he is so ludicrous & yet charismatic & adorable. At all times He seems to have the good intentions but he ends up into awful troubles & hilarious circumstances just by doing normal things. The uniqueness of this show is that there are no dialogues rather it is based on the presentation of farcical acts. Every video has a different theme, such as a park, shopping mall, a wedding and so on.

In this program, Mr. Bean plays a stupid person’s character, who constantly put himself in difficulty with his funny actions. He is funny because of his body activities & facial gestures. His way of jesting doesn’t rely on clever or witty dialogue; it is just based on the inane events that happen around us.

It can be said that this show is food for contemplation, I usually suggest my friends to at least watch it once. Mr. Bean is worldwide popular for his ordinary, yet extraordinary acting skill. I think that people adore him because it’s not complex humor – it could happen to anybody, nevertheless, it constantly seems to occur to him suddenly & unexpectedly. This is something that makes him likable to a very wide audience around the globe.