Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood 
  • What was the toy
  • Who gave it to you?
  • How often did you play with it
Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

Being the first girl child of my family, everybody used to adore me a lot. I used to have a superabundant amount of toys, since my parents always wanted to have a daughter. They have bestowed me every amenity of this world.

I vividly remember that it was my 5th birthday and we had celebrations on a grand scale. A number of people were invited on that big day of mine and one of them gifted me a gorgeous doll. It was actually an imported one which gradually became my favorite. I used to play with it round the clock, I used to dress it up with pink colored attires, as, pink was my favorite color. Even sometimes I used to be twin with it. Everyone used to praise me and my doll, they used to place the comments to us.

I used to sleep with it. Moreover, I made a miniature house for it with the help of my mother, in which I placed all the miniature cosmetics and accessories for my pretty doll. Apart from this, I also used to dress it up for different occasions like weddings, parties and more of the same. Since then it was with me till 9th class and then my mother stored it in the storeroom as she used to believe that I was more than big enough for it. Initially, I used to cry for it, when she does not use to let me play with it.

Even sometimes I used to become stubborn, then, being pitty on me she used to give that doll to me for some time. And after playing with it I used to return it back to my mother. She was looking forward to passing it on to my younger siblings but refuted.

Today, it has been more than a decade, she still has preserved it only for me. I still feel nostalgic sometimes regarding my childhood memories. It was really a golden period of my life.