Talk about a teenager that you know well.     Talk about a teenager that you know well

  • Who is he/ she?
  • How did you meet him/ her?
  • Can you describe him/her?

I am a part of teenager society as I am still enjoying my student’s life, which is considered as the best phase of one’s entire life. So I know many teenagers, most of them are my friends. But today I would like to talk about my cute little cousin sister, Jasmeet Kaur.

She is two years younger to me and has a very charismatic personality. She has dark black hair and grayish eyes. She is a little bit shorter than me so I often tease her which makes her a bit cantankerous for a short while. She has a vibrant spirit and always wants to try new things. She generally likes to dress up mostly in the latest trendy dresses and is not very fond of traditional dresses.

Although she is my sister, she is also a very good friend of mine. Whenever I visit her, we spend ample time together playing chess, gossiping and sometimes shopping too. She gave a huge liking for cooking and trying new dishes. She put her heart and soul in whatever she prepares. Along with cooking her other hobbies are sketching and dancing. She has won the inter-school dancing competition for two consecutive years. She is very popular in her friend circle and relatives as well. Besides all these qualities, she is a very nice and responsible human being. She manages to spare some time to teach the underprivileged children every evening. Her wish is to become a professional chef and have her own chain of restaurants in the North Indian region.

Teenagers nowadays are mostly consumed by social networking sites and waste their precious time. However, amidst of this trend, her ambition and unwavering determination makes me feel proud of her and makes me think that if the youth of India is as passionate as her, then in coming times India will emerge as the most prosperous country of the world.