Talk about a small business you would like to open.

  • What business it would be?
  • Why you want to start it?
  • When you want to start it?
Talk about a small business you would like to open

From the very initial stage of my life I wanted to be an entrepreneur and for this I am having various plans in my mind.

To be a business woman is my childhood passion actually, my father is also running his own firm and I have taken a lot of inspiration from him, owing to which I have also made my mind to own a restaurant as it is my major area. I have done my graduation in hospitality management and preparing for my masters to be accomplished from abroad. I am planning to do a Diploma in Culinary Management which will be a benchmark in my resume to open my own establishment.

Additionally, I have done a part time job during my graduation in a cafe where I used to make coffee and coffee related other beverages too, hot and cold both. I have done that job for at least six to seven months, and I think now I am well acquainted with that also, because there I used to make brilliant coffee and every one used to come there just to have a sip of coffee made by me only. I used to be perfect in making the latte art on the top of the prepared coffee.

So, I think I have gained a lot of things from there also which will be beneficial for my business. Other than this, I am hoping to establish my business in Australia, near the coastal area where, when people come to enjoy the sea, they can grab a bite from my outlet along with a sip of coffee. I will induce all the things I have learnt till now. Apart from this, my staff will be highly qualified. They will also be from the same field and will have the acknowledgement of every single thing about the eating house. Further, considering hygiene will be our first priority. Everything will be done with covered hands and in a spick and span way.

So, I am having a lot of things in my mind and I will definitely execute on them one day since I am a very ambitious girl.