Talk about a product or application based on Artificial Intelligence

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Talk about a product or application based on Artificial Intelligence

Technology has bestowed us umpteen bounties to which Artificial Intelligence is not an exception. A plethora of gadgets, applications et cetera is available which can be recognized as AI-based such as Alexa, Google Maps, robot cleaners, Siri and more of the same.

Here, I will be talking about a Wall paper-thin television known as LG OLED e9, a slim work of art and its price is approximately ₹1,29,900. It has a sleek and free-standing profile. Moreover, it is a 2nd generation tv that can analyze millions of contents with its deep learning AI algorithm. It heightens the picture and sound quality, take in breathtaking image details and custom sound and can be immersed in a marvelous reality.

Other than this, With the support of a light sensor, it can detect the ambient light of the room. This Processor automatically optimizes the brightness of the image. Regardless of the surroundings, it views every image with uniform brightness and sharp picture quality. It instinctively understands the space and grasps the person’s location to deliver every nuance of sound. Additionally, it can learn the viewing habits on voice requests, can also ask the google assistant questions while writing programs one can see answers on the screen.

Furthermore, a built-in Alexa is like a frosting on the cake which can control home devices, adjust room temperature, lightings, and other connected devices without missing the favorite content and that too just with a simple request, one can change the mood of the entire room as well.

Hence, all these features enticed me a lot and despite going a bit out the budget, I just grabbed the opportunity as an exclusive offer was going on and within a couple of days, it was at my doorstep.