Talk about a character or trait of your personalityTalk about a character or trait of your personality
Please say:

  • What it is?
  • From where did you get it?
  • How it affects your life?

Different personalities have different characters and so do mine.

Since my childhood, I am very much inclined towards speaking truth and this thing I have inherited from my mother. She has always taught me never lie to anyone, which always helped me to be decisive and trustworthy. In other words, this particular trait of mine has always helped me a lot, no matter what, I had never taken any sort of wrong decision throughout my life, till now and always tried to be a helping hand to everyone owing to which I have earned only good friends in my life who speaks volumes about me. I think I have that courage in me to stand by the truth and fight for it. Even during my school days I used to be a golden girl of my class and was in the good books of my mentors due to this particular attribute of mine. On top of that, my maternal uncle is associated with a nongovernmental organization that works for human rights. His authenticity is his key strength which helps him to stand by loyalty. Moreover, he keeps on posting his accomplishments on social media which provokes me to stay a truthful person with more zeal. I believe, one can do wonders in life if he/she possesses this principal.

I would like to pass on this trait of mine to my descendants as well, as it is rightly said that, a candle loses nothing by enlightening other candles. Other than that, truthfulness is vanishing by every passing day and this world is becoming unlivable, my little effort can be like a drop in the ocean and I believe in the notion of many a little makes a mickle.

In a nutshell, I would say that everyone should possess this attitude to flourish in their lives.


  • Which personal qualities do you think we most want to pass on to our children?
    Everyone wants to pass the best out of him to his/her scions, whether it is any personality trait or any physical skill. So that their heredity cannot vanish, instead, it can be flourished by leaps and bounds.
  • Which characteristics do you think are the least appealing to a person?
    I believe, the attitude of being a blackguard or a black sheep can be the attributes that are less accepted by society, as these kinds of people do not see eye to eye to anyone.
  • Which personality types do you think are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety?
    I think Extraversion are the one who worries extremely less. They enjoy being with people, participating in social gatherings, and are full of energy and these type of people faces less isolations and tensions.
  • What trait do you think are most important for a person, as a member of society, to have?
    Having said that, Extraversions are the most lively people of the community who not only helps the people to cheer up but also, can be helpful for them to get rid of there tensions and worries.
  • Which character traits do your parents think are the most important?
    Apart from being a genuine person, they reckon that a person should be benevolent and generous because in this fast-paced life these temperaments are disappearing and everyone is in the rat race of accumulating more and more without taking care of such traits.
  • Do you think it is easy for a person to change their personality?
    It is not a piece of cake for an individual to change his/her character just like that. It needs a strong will power and courage for the transformations, which I don’t think everyone can possess.
  • In general, do you think that men and women (innately) have different personality traits?
    As far as my views are concerned, almighty has made every creature with some distinct characters and males and females are not an exception to it. I think males are more harsh and malevolent, whereas females are softer in nature, they possess less aggression and they take care of every little thing, be it an important one or not.