Describe someone you met recently and would like to know more about.

Please say:

  • Who this person is?
  • When and where you met him?
  • What you would like to know more about him?
  • Explain the reason why it is important for you to know that person?

In our day to day life, we cross path with many people. Sometimes we remember some people due to their unique personality and individuality which we like or find intriguing. Today I am going to speak about on such person whom I met in my last winter vacations at my maternal grandparent’s home town. He is Mr.Surinder Singh, a relative of our neighbors. I met him at my neighbor’s house when I went there to meet Amit, who is an old friend of mine. We have spent countless hours playing together. He is like a brother to me and Surinder is his cousin brother.

One day during my last winter holidays when I went shopping in the market, I witnessed an unfortunate event in front of my eyes. A person was badly wounded in a road accident. People are gathering there but no one was taking any initiative. All of a sudden a man came to the rescue of that unfortunate man and took him to the nearby hospital. I thought he must be from the hospital or the relative of the victim.

The very next day when I went to Amit’s house, I was so surprised to see the same person who came to rescue at the place of the accident. So when I met him again I asked him about the wounded person’s health to which he replied that he doesn’t know as he came back after admitting him in the hospital. I was highly impressed by his kind deed.

Later while conversating with Surinder he told us about his NGO. He started it with his 3-4 acquaintances for the awareness of people about the environment and people’s health and their interdependence. They make people aware of doing seminars and providing them with information about environmental threats and their cure. The way he was explaining everything was exceptionally great and even we are feeling the passion of his dreams. After that long talk, I came back to my house. And the next day, I have to come back as my holidays were about to get over. That meeting with him had a huge impact on me and I wish I can meet him soon again and join his brigade of societal awareness and welfare.