Describe an occasion when many people were smiling.

You should say:

  • When it happened? 
  • Who you were with?
  • What happened?
  • And explain why many people were smiling.
Describe an occasion when many people were smiling

Mother Teresa said, “ Peace begins with a smile.”  and this is an incumbent part in today’s era. 

The day which is extremely vivid in my memories is the day of convocation in my college two years back which was held within the college premises in the auditorium. In India after the completion of graduation there is one year’s gap after which the students get their degrees in hand from the honorable chief guest in a formal congratulation of students, parents and teachers. It was the day when I was really very excited because my hard work was going to be paid off and my parents’ dreams are going to be fulfilled in the form of their daughter’s Graduation certificate as my parents are not much educated but dreamt of my proper education. So we went there with happy faces and saw all my batch mates of ECE stream of engineering as it was an important day for everyone. I met my college mates and was delighted to see them again as after the last examination of the last semester we never met. They all were nervous and excited at the same time, We observed that the auditorium was decorated With fresh flowers and foliages and the seating arrangement was up to the mark as I was sitting with my classmates, my parents sitting in the audience and they were looking over joyous. After we settled there the chief guests arrived and gave enthusiastic speech and the ceremony started. When my name got announced my parents gave me a standing ovation and when I was receiving the degree from the chief guest my mother was shedding the tears of joy, after all this, now it was the time of group photograph and everybody was thinking about their bright future and reminiscing their four years of fun and frolic. Joy could be felt from their smiles when they posed and the audiences (parents) and teachers all were smiling. All were happy in our happiness. After having a group photo we clicked numerous other photographs with our parents, friends and teachers as well to preserve the memory for the future.

All in all this was the time when each one present in the ceremony was extremely happy  as from now onwards a new beginning of a new phase of life was going to commence. That euphoric state cannot be described in words.