Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

You should say:
  • what the article was about
  • where you read it (which magazine or website)
  • and explain what you learned/thought from the article
Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

It is well said that health is wealth, it is the greatest asset for mankind. Although people nowadays are obsessed of making money, without health a person is not really able to enjoy his life despite having all the creature comforts. The changing lifestyle, working for long hours, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise- all these are the main reasons of deteriorating health of the people these days. I am a health conscious person and I love maintain it by having salubrious meals and exercising every day. In order to gain knowledge about health related facts, I often read articles of newspapers or magazines. Today I would like to share the information I got from an article of a renowned health magazine named healthcare-India. It was titled as “A miracle for all ailments – Black seed oil!”

This oil is extracted from a medicinal plant named as nigella sativa and there is a reference of this plant in the Ayurveda. These seeds are used in myriad forms, sometimes as a spice, sometimes in salads, pastries or dairy products. In the ancient times, this oil was used to treat different maladies from cold to indigestion. It is so beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties.  

The major benefits of black seed oil is its ability to fight bacterial infections and healing minor cuts and scars. Moreover, it also works well in case of treating skin allergies. In addition, this can help people in losing their weight and also for getting relief from indigestion.

However, it is suggested to store this oil in cool places as it can turn rancid. Besides this, its consumption should also be limited to 1 tablespoon usually. 

After reading all this, I started taking it in one form or the other to avail its medical benefits and I suggest it to everyone.