​Describe an art or craft activity(e.g, painting, woodwork, etc.) that you had (at school).

You should say:

  • What you made?
  • How you made it?
  • What it looked like?
  • And how you felt about the activity?
Describe an art or craft activity that you had
Childhood memories are to be preserved just like a jwell as it is rightly said that time once passed, never comes back. This particular age is when we are surrounded by only the happiness and no worries and hustle bustle of life can affect us.

Ever since my childhood I believe that I possess an artistic attribute because my drawing teacher used to laud me a lot whenever I used to draw or make something in my class.

I vividly remember that in our school it was a trend that every year, with the beginning of new academic year the house boards and the individual class notice boards were to be updated I was in ninth standard that time when I was asked to assist the junior wing’s class teacher Manorama ma’am because of my neat handwriting and artistic skills. It was a large board and I wanted to give my best as it was a huge liability on me that amongst the whole school ma’am chose me to accompany her just because of my skills. Hence we made a fascinating board which was basically painted with blue colour elucidating water in which we decided to depict my favourite cartoon character of the show known as A little mermaid. We painted Arial the main character of that cartoon and pasted it to give a 3D effect to the board and we also made a few other characters depicting a scene in it along with some seaweed as the show was incoperting distinct aquatic creatures and mermaids. Apart from this, we also pasted a quote on it saying “we got no troubles, life is the bubbles’ and this, I guess has a deep meaning and that is life is just like water bubbles and the failures and conundrums of life can be popped up just like a bubble. It can be vanished and one can stay happily by forgetting it.

It took us almost a week to be finalized and when it was done we were applauded and then I became famous in my school. By watching this my class teacher gave me an assignment in which I had to make a chart including the birth dates of my whole classmates so that we can feel special and all can wish them on time.

So this was the art and craft activity which I did during my academic tenure and accumulated myriad accolades.