Who’s the friend?
How much time did you spend together?
What did you like most about your friend?

Answer :-
Childhood days are the most memorable days in one’s life and having memories with the true friend that time is like icing on the cake. Moreover , mutual trust between friends is a building block of a solid friendship that could last for a lifetime. Here, I would like to share about of my most nicest childDescribe about your old friend in childhood.
hood and an old friend , Shweta. We were neighbors and lately we joined the same schools too. The camaraderie of our friendship grew eventually with the time and she became my bosom friend and till now we are indispensable part of each others life. Very often , in our society friendship is underrated , considering the tremendous impact on our well – being. Early , childhood friendship is frequently overlooked as a positive developmental influence . Priyanka , however, has always been a honest and loyal friend to me. She stood by my side in all the ups and downs of life. She wiped my tears and supported me in every worse situation . I still cherish all those adorable and meaningful childhood days. In this day and age , many people think that childhood friendships are hard to maintain once you enter adulthood . While I don’t think so , it depends upon one’s own willingness to stay in contact with the friends. As, I’m still in touch with my childhood friend , Shweta and I am fortunate in this case due to one more fact , as my parents helped nurture friendship by helping me stay connected and encouraging me to stay in contact with her till adulthood. Even , we joined the same colleges as well in later life. At present , We are professional but I still manage to spare time to meet her. All in all , this is about the friend of mine.

Cross Questions:-
Q. 1 How the friends are helpful in our lives?
A. 1 Research showed the pre school friendships are helpful in developing social and emotional skills , moreover increasing a sense of belonging and decreasing stress. Socially isolated people tend to have a shorter lifespan. So , friends are really supportive in all the times of life . However, it is worth to note that the benefits of friendship should be based on quality , not quantity.
Q. 2 What are differences between childhood and college friends ?
A. 2 I think early life days are more joyful and so we get no clique or judgment before making any friend. There is no sense of hatred or any complications as we consider whosever nice with us as a good friend. While , with the changes in time it becomes impossible or tough to stay cemented with the group of friends. And only tough times helps us to realize the importance of worth friends.
Q- 3 Are you still in touch with your childhood friends ?
A.3 Yes , Indeed as one of my bosom friend , Shweta is still in contact with me since childhood now. Our trust and bonding hasn’t fainted with the years , instead it has become even stronger. Even till today , whenever we meet during weekends we love to share our joys and sorrows in the same way we used to share during childhood.
Q- 4 What is more important to you friends or family ? And why?
A-4 I think an ideal balance is required in balancing the allotted time between friends and family. Both are , however, equally important to me. Family is the root whereas friends are the companions to who stand with us in every walk of life. Neither of them can be de- valued. I appreciate the stand of both in my life.