Describe about some story which you like a lot or someone told you aboutDescribe about some story which you like a lot or someone told you about
Please say:

  • Who told you the story?
  • When you heard the story?
  • What the story was about?
  • Explain why you found it memorable?

In my childhood days, I was really fond of hearing to captivating & interesting stories from my grandmother. My grandma was a magnificent storyteller & she usually tells me bedtime tales of fairies, princes & princesses & magicians & sorcery. I have heard many stories from her about wild beasts, & other creatures.

I still retain the memory of a story of Rabbit & Turtle. It was quite an entertaining & impressive story along with a moral lesson for the entire life. The story begins in the jungle where a Turtle & a Rabbit which lives together. The rabbit was a quick runner whereas turtle walks at a very slow pace. The rabbit used to make the joke of turtle’s slow speed & one day he challenged the turtle for a match. The rabbit ran remarkably fast & went out of sight quickly. However, the turtle kept on moving forward at a slow & steady rate. After some time the rabbit got tired & decided to take rest for a while. But his little nap soon turned into a deep sleep. But the turtle didn’t rest & soon reached the finish point. When the rabbit woke up, he hastened to reach the destination but unable to reach there on time. He felt embarrassed when he saw turtle there & then understood its foolishness.

This story teaches us that one must not flaunt our quality. The moral of the anecdote is that one can be a winner if he continuous to work without giving up even if he does it at a slow rate. It teaches us that one need not be in a haste to accomplish anything in their life rather one must be determined & constant & should sustain a normal speed. Now, when she is no longer with us, but her teachings were always with us to guide us. Sometimes, when I tell stories to my niece I cherish the moments when I used to listen to stories from my grandmother & remember her.