Describe a time when you helped a friend.

You should say:

  • Who you helped and why?
  • How you helped this friend?
  • What the result was?
  • Explain how you felt about helping this friend?
  • Who appreciated you?
  • How you felt when you were praised?
Describe a time when you helped a friend.

Helping others is a gesture of kindness which people show towards needful. We all need help at some point in our life when we are distressed or in a trouble. When we help someone, it makes us feel contented and peaceful; moreover, it determines our behavior towards others. If I have to talk about an incident then it would undoubtedly be the time when I lend a helping hand to my friend Rohit’s family.

Actually his father was the sole breadwinner of his family who was not much educated and chiefly relied on the small workshop where he used to repair electronic equipment. After a devastating earthquake, his workshop was demolished and he had no additional revenue source or capital to rebuild it. The moment I acknowledged this unfortunate event over the phone call as he was dwelling in some other state and we were distant friends, I was so touched with their tragic story that I decided to help them with whatever help possible. I told the whole story to my three other best friends when I went to my college. Finally, we went to our class coordinator and explained her regarding the suffering of the family. She provided us with some ideas to raise money for the suffering family from other classes.

The students were kind enough to donate sympathizing with the suffering of my friend’s family as it was for the sake of humanity but not that he was my friend. We collected a good sum of the money which surpassed my anticipation. We went to the shop and got the restoration of the shop started and gave the remaining sum of money to Rohit’s father so that he became able to restart his workshop again and earn bread and butter for his family.

I really felt blessed and emotional when his family blessed and prayed for us. But the real surprise was the one which I received in my college from the director in front of the whole college. I was given a token of respect and appreciation for coming forward for a noble cause. He appreciated me for the noble deed I have done for a human being. Moreover, all the praise and word of wisdom motivated us all to do more such kind deeds. That day I realized how enthralling, peaceful and gratifying it is to lend someone a hand. The peace one receives by helping someone needy is beyond explanation.