Describe a leisure activity near or on the sea that you want to try.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • What you need to prepare?
  • How easy or difficult it is?
  • explain why you want to try it?
Describe a leisure activity near or on the sea that you want to try

Since my childhood I have been very curious about going to a coastal area for having vacations with my near and dear ones, unfortunately I never got this opportunity until last year when we visited Maldives for a fortnight.

It was the time when summer break was going on in India and we all decided to take a break from our monotonous routines and spend  some quality time together on a coastal area to rejuvenate ourselves. I am from a family who loves swimming and water a lot which is why we decided to visit Maldives which is an island and an excellent place to spend Holidays near the coastal area. When we visited there, we enjoyed  myriad things such as boating, fishing, swimming in the sea between the stingrays, octopus and even sometimes with dolphins. It was an extremely relishing experience. I believe that nature has bestowed as umpteen bounties  to which marine life is not an exception which is why I was  wondering  to  experience snorkeling as well but unfortunately due to the shortage of availability of time we were not able to do so but next time whenever I will visit Maldives I will definitelyI want to try I doing this activity as I know that the  aquatic life is the most beautiful creation in this world done by Almighty and I want to experience this thing in their own habitat which is natural and untouched. I want to relish the  resplendent and vibrant coloured fishes moving here and there in the water and even I want to see the other creatures like seahorses, sharks and other aquatic animals, how they live and what they feed on. The clearest water and playing with those small cute beautiful fishes will be just like a heaven on earth and I just want to experience that  and it’ll be like a cherry on the cake when my friends will accompany me in this activity, we will not only play with aquatic creatures but also try to capture those moments in our cameras so that we can revive those moments in the future whenever we will feel nostalgic about it.  Snorkeling is my childhood dream as once I have seen this thing on TV while shuffling the channels I saw there that the man was in the middle of the sea and the water was  crystal clear and he was in between the tiny fishes which was looking invigorating and that thing provoked me towards this activity and that day I made my mind that one day I will definitely do this activity. Unfortunately during those vacations I didn’t get time to do so. Moreover, I believe that people who live near the sea shore are privileged enough to examine this thing on a daily basis because I feel that this is the most blessed event on this earth where one can not only feel rejoiced but also we can experience the tranquility of this breathtaking view. 

All in all now  this has been my ambition in life that after accumulating much more name and fame I will again visit this place and this time the duration will be double and I will  explore every adventurous activity possible over here.