Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with.

You should say:

  • What the decision was?
  • How was it made?
  • What you disagreed with?
  • And explain why you disagreed with it?
Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with

There are many occasions one comes across in his life when decision making plays an imperative part in defining the entire future. In our country, instead of a person himself, most of the decisions are taken by others for them like choosing a stream after passing secondary examination or choosing one’s soulmate. Although I don’t consider myself as intellectual as other members of my family, I make decisions after taking all the aspects into consideration and stick to them. Here I would like to talk about a decision made by my maternal uncle regarding my cousin’s higher education which I opposed knowingly that I am not mature enough to show my dissatisfaction.

It was I guess 2-3 years ago, when my elder cousin sister graduated from her college in science stream and was looking forward to pursuing her masters. Her parents knew the fact that she liked to enroll herself in a Masters of computers program from an eminent university which would bear them hefty tuition fees, which is why they denied and asked her to take admission in a local college in Masters of Science. She was really upset however she didn’t have any choice when her parents were not concerned about her preferences. I would rather call it their orthodox mentality or prejudice against a girl child.We share a great camaraderie and a special bond of sisterhood since our childhood. When I saw her depressed and in such compromising condition, I broke my silence and tried to convince them to fund her education by advocating the positives of doing so but all went in vain. My father after knowing this backed me up and made them realise that it was unfair what they wanted.  It was the time when I realized how fortunate I am to have a doting father who has always sacrificed his desires to fulfill mines. 

So as they say all is well, that ends well. Now my sister is working for a renowned MNC and taking care of her parents’ needs which we all are proud of. 

All in all, this incidence taught me the lesson that what matters is a good judgement rather than the age to make a wise choice.