​Describe a cafe you like to visit.

You should say:

  • Where it is?

  • What kinds of food and drinks it serves?

  • What do you do there?

  • And explain why you like to go there?

describe a cafe you like to visit

Whenever it comes to the favourite attractions of a city, it’s eating outlets are placed on the top of the list which lure the tourists. It not only proliferates the city’s economy but also acts as a Shining star of it, for instance Hotel Taj of Mumbai or New York Cafe Budapest to name a few. 

Similarly, Chandigarh is also obsessed with cafes and restaurants and one such Cafe I came through was “Books and Brew” which is situated right in the heart of it and ubiquitous among the youngsters of my city. It is not only pocket friendly but also provides comfortable aesthetics for the students who want to have a sip of coffee aur other beverages along with reading some  intriguing books. Students who have  some extra time from their academics always look forward to going there with their friends and have some quality time along with  some scrumptious snacks.  I too love to go there. When I was in university this Books and Brew Cafe was nearby and I always used to go there with my friends.  The soothing atmosphere of the premises used to give me an appealing feeling after which I used to forget all my worries and used to  merge myself in the environment of the place. I used to spend hours over there even when I used to be alone as I am an ardent reader. To dredge deeper, It not only has the tables and chairs to sit comfortably but also has some elevated space to even lie down so I used to take my laptop and used to spend hours over there. Additionally, when it comes to the eatables they not only provide Indian snacks but also Italian Thai and other Continental snacks.  They serve freshly brewed coffee Which is my all time favourite and I still go there to have a sip of it even after a decade. In particular, nachos with the combination of cappuccino used to be my personal favourite. Every time I visit there I still relish it.  Apart from it, this cafe is so famous that many Singers and politicians and even actors visited there and I have seen many shootings happening over there as well which proves that this is the best cafe in town.

Overall, I would say that this cafe has every single thing to provide to a youngster which can fetch them repeatedly to this place, in fact, it is suitable for people from all walks of life.