A website which helped you to do something/website you visit often/ use regularlyA website which helped you to do something/website you visit often/ use regularly

Please say:

  • WhatWhat information were you looking for?
  • WhatWhich website is it?
  • WhatHow did it help you?
  • WhatHow you felt after getting information?
  • WhatHow did your friend when he or she received the present.

The Internet has grown to be an integral part of our life. Nowadays, people have become slaves of the internet, especially youngsters. Same as other strata of society, I too use the internet for myriad purposes like searching detailed information, watching videos, movies, listening to music, etc./span>
If I have to talk about an instance when I searched for some information on the internet, then undoubtedly it would be the time when I planned to present a handmade gift to my friend Sukhpreet on her 20th birthday because the happiness doubles if the gift is handmade./span>

Usually, people go to markets to get their gifts. However, in most of the cases, it appears that there are a couple of gifts of a comparable kind. So, to create something different I pondered immensely for some creative and innovative ideas but I didn’t come up anything bright. Later, I searched the internet for ideas and my search ends on the braided chain bracelet. I selected it because she can easily wear it anywhere she goes. I found a detailed illustrated video on YouTube which shows the step by step procedure of making it. Initially, when I started making it, the result was not the same as I was expecting. It seems much easier in the video but honestly, it was a hard nut to crack. However, I attained success after many attempts./span>

Sukhpreet and I were friends since the past 16 years when we were in kindergarten. And since then we were together in every situation and our bond is really awesome. When I presented the gift to her, she was extremely happy. It made me really contended and emotional when she mentioned that it is the best gift she has received so far and promise to always keep it with her./span>