A book you want to writeA book you want to write

  • What the book will be about?
  • When you had the idea of writing this book?
  • Why do you want to write this book?

Well, I have never even thought of writing a book. However, due to a recent incident, which I experienced, motivated me to write a book “Animals or Angels” for the betterment of the people around me. Pet-assisted therapy is an emerging field of medical sciences and is gaining recognition and implementation in many countries. This method is already proven successful in countries like the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Actually, one of my dear friends was suffering from depression. We are friends since childhood and seeing her in such a state was making me concerned about her health and future. So I searched the internet to help her in any way possible. I came across something called as Feline-assisted therapy which is getting popular in Singapore and countries near to it. The very next day I went to a pet shop and brought a small white kitten for my friend. After a week, I saw a huge change in her; she seems happier than earlier which was a great news. Everyone in her family was happy seeing her smiling again and so was I.

I once read an article in the newspaper about a survey conducted in India about the rising number of youngsters who are suffering from depression, stress, loneliness, boredom, and other cognitive diseases. This trend is more common in metropolitan cities where people live a fast-paced life, but still, it is governed by old stereotyped logic and norms. So to help these people, I wish to write a book encouraging people to adopt an animal. The role animals play in the lives of humans goes far beyond just survival needs. The human-animals relationship provides significant physical, psychological, and physiological benefits to human well-being as it helps to decrease the anxiety and depression

The book is not yet completed but I will finish writing it. I wish this book will be beneficial to all the readers who are suffering from stress and depression in their lives and make animals a part of their lives. As the one who is said to be the best companion of the humans is an animal.