30 December 2021 Prediction (Academic+GT)

These are the predicted question types and levels for Reading, Listening, and Writing that would come in your upcoming IELTS exam prediction on 30 December 2021. ( IELTS 30 December 2021 Prediction )

Now we are providing you basic details of IELTS Exam Prediction For 30 December 2021

There are some important topics that might be coming on the 30 December 2021 Writing Test, which basically will provide an idea to students, so they can become familiar with that particular topic.

We have created this list by analyzing the most repeated topics and levels in the previous exams and would come in IELTS Exam 30 December 2021.

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Listening Overall Easy
Part-1 (Easy) Fillups
Part-2 (Easy) MCQ/ Choose the correct option
Part-3 (Easy to Moderate) Large MCQ
Part-4 (Moderate) Fillups





Reading Overall Moderate
Passage-1 (Easy) (True/False/Not Given) / fillups
Passage-2 (Moderate) Which paragraphs contains following information/MCQ/ Match the information
Passage-3 (Moderate) Blanks/ MCQ/ Match the information




Reading Overall Eas to Moderate
Passage-1 (Eas to Moderate) (True/False/Not Given) /Choose the correct option
Passage-2 (Moderate ) Answer the following questions /fillups/ Match the information
Passage-3 (Easy to Moderate) List of headings/ Fill in the Blanks





Writing Moderate 
Task-1 (Academic)

Topics related to this

(Bar, Table, Line, Pie)

Task-1 (GT) Semi-Formal Letter
Task-2 (Advantages/Disadvantages) (Discuss both views)

Topics related to this

(Government,Culture, Education, Business, Media)


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