Talk about an instance when you have lost something.

  • What was it?
  •  When and where did you lose it?
  •  How did you feel about it?

In our lifetime we lose many things, sometime things which are very dear to us. We lose a thing because of mishandling or negligence. Generally, I am not a very organized person and lose things quite often. Today I would be talking about a gift which I lost, I still regret losing it.

It was my precious notepad given to me by my parents on my 19th birthday when I was pursuing my electronic engineering.
I lost it on my way back from a college trip, our college participated in a science competition held in Delhi, and I represented my college. But while returning back, I was running a bit behind the schedule because of the traffic of Delhi. By dint of being in a haste, I forget to pick my laptop bag from the cab. I didn’t notice it initially as it was night time and I was a bit sleepy.
When I wake up I searched for it, but to my nightmare, the news broke to me when I realized that I did

n’t pick it from the front seat of the cab. I have all my important documents stored in it along with the pictures and videos of the science competition. My notepad also contained my pictures, videos, my precious collection of songs and movies, research material.

I tried to contact the cab driver by searching him through the application with which I booked that cab. After a lot of research, I get his contact but he was unaware of the bag. I was in so much despair and felt so helpless that day.

 My mother also scolded me for my careless attitude. That day onwards I took a vow to take care of my belongings.


Discussion Question

Ques 1 – What did you do after you found you lost it?

Ans – Well, I tried to contact the cab driver to know if he found my notepad bag. So, I get his contact number from the uber’s officials and called him. But I got immensely depressed due to that.

Ques 2 – Is being organized essentially to being a student?

Ans – Offcourse, being organized is highly essential for everyone. For a student, being organized can

provide a better way of keeping track of their educational activities and development. It helps them gain the habit of time management and makes them efficient and independent. It may also develop a sense of judgment that work is of more importance and eventually learn to prioritize their work.

Ques 3 – Some say being messy relates to being a genius or a creative person, do you agree?

Ans – I totally accord with this statement that messy relates to being a genius. A messy person may appear to be careless or disorganized but they are often masters in the art of prioritization. They generally place impo

rtant things first while things of lesser importance behind.

Ques 4 – Why is it so?

Ans – It is so because they might feel free from the limitations in the unorganized surrounding. They m

ight get new ideas to break the orderly or protocols made b society. Or it may also provide a sense of being in a private area or a comfortable zone where they might feel free to perform the task as per there will and ways.

Ques 5 – Do you think people naturally seek order?

Ans – I think it depends from person to person; some people like to be free birds and work accordingly to their free will. They do not want to get bind in rules and regulations. Whereas some people perform better in an organized work culture where everything happens in a disciplined way.

Ques 6 – What are the advantages and disadvantages of an extremely organized society?

Ans – Well, there are certain advantages of organized society the development work will increase such as infrastructure necessary for a town, fertility, and yield of crops will get managed. However, if the disadvantages are concerned people will feel bounded and no sense of freedom will be there. They will be always judged for everything they do.