​Talk about a time when you got lost in city.

You should say:

  • when and where it happened
  • who was there with you
  • how you felt when you got lost
  • explain how you eventually found your way.
Talk about a time when you got lost in city.
When it comes to roam in our own hometown, it is convenient as we are familiar with the routes and vicinity. However, while exploring new areas, people often lose their ways for which now they tend to rely entirely on navigation apps like google maps. In my case, I am a keen observer so while travelling or visiting any new destination, I try to memorize various landmarks and keep a watchful eye on my track. Once in my childhood, there was an instance when I was lost in my own city which I think has made me like this.

I was around 4 or 5 when I went to Iskcon temple which is located in sector 38 B of Chandigarh. It was Janmashtami, which is an annual Hindu festival to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. People celebrate it with zest and zeal by observing fast, dancing, worshipping and singing hymns, mostly in temples. The same was happening that day when I had to be a part of a throng of devotees with my family. 

During that time, me and my family somehow managed to pass through the crowd and reach the core where the effigies of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha are installed and started offering prayers. I still remember how the people tussled with each other to have a glimpse and to show their reverence for the almighty god. When I got lost in the crowd and could not find my parents, I freaked out. I do not know how I came out of the temple, crossed the road and started walking down the street. In other words, I entered sec 23C after crossing the road and on realizing that I am lost started sobbing. Meanwhile, fortunately, a couple noticed me and came to my rescue. Once I told them my story, they instantly took me back to the temple and somehow managed to get me back to my family. I cried my heart out when I found my mother who was really worried and was searching me badly.

Since then, I have been more observant as I perceived the value of being attentive after this nerve-racking ordeal