Describe a difficult thing you did.

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • How did you complete it?
  • Why it was difficult?
  • And how you felt about doing it?
Describe a difficult thing you did.

Doing arduous tasks diligently gives me immense pleasure as I feel a sense of contentment that whatever others cannot do, I did that which makes me feel different from others. 

One such incident I remember vividly was when I was in college, I used to dance with full zest and zeal. I used to participate in every dance competition with my friends. That time also, I took part in a competition with my friends because my teacher asked me to do so. Actually, it was the time of the youth festival, which is usually a three days affair and in this festival all colleges, affiliated to a particular university, take part. Our college was one of them and our team was representing our college in that particular festival.we were the group of 11 girls and we were going to perform a Gidda which is a traditional dance form of Punjab and specifically done by the females. It was also a crucial time for us because our college was losing this competition for the last couple of years and this was our college’s final chance to remain in the contest. So auditions went on for the same and I got selected. My tutor told me that he is taking a risk to admit me in the team and I also did the same as a huge responsibility was there on my shoulders being a captain of the team. We all burnt the midnight oil to get the triumph. The practices went on for at least two months and we really worked hard for it. Hence, after giving a spectacular performance, on that particular big day of our lives, we were quite relieved that we did a good job and when our team’s name was announced for the first prize, we were over the moon. Furtherly, when we held the trophy, we were overwhelmed. That moment was really astounding and auspicious for us. 

Moreover, to express the jovial emotions, our coach organized a success bash for the team and we tapped our feet on the floor for the whole night.

It was an overall nice experience, which seemed impossible but turned out to be a huge success for the whole college and it was really a proud moment for us.