​Talk about a time when you moved to a new house.

You should say:

  • When was it?
  • Why did you moved?
  • How did you feel about it?
Talk about a time when you moved to a new house or a new school

Having a lavish place to reside is I believe everyone’s desire and so is mine.

I remember it was a time of summers two years back when we were about to shift to our new house, my parents really worked hard to built this house and now we were planning to move but before that, we organized a house warming party in which we invited a plethora of guests like my maternal relatives and paternal as well. All my cousins arrived and we had a gala time. After the party, the very next day we started shifting our stuff to the new place. The new house was twice a big from our older one and before that, we used to dwell at a rented accommodation. So, step by step my parents uplifted their status but it was really a memorable journey. We had witnessed umpteen turmoils in our lives but as every cloud has a silver lining similarly we were also sure about this turning point of our lives. Coming back to the house, the decor of the house was just as per my taste like the curtains, the chandeliers, and even the furniture and upholstery. Each and everything was according to me. Moreover, my own room is outstanding, the major eye catching thing in my room is its window as the view of the city from it is astonishing. Apart from this, the whole house is ducted due to which we did not have to install the air conditioners separately. Additionally, it has various rooms like my parent’s room, my grandparent’s room, a guest room, living room, dining room and many more. We entered the house with overwhelming emotions as we never thought of this day ever because of our financial conditions, my mother reduced to tears at that time. We all were full of emotions.

All in all, this house is more than a house for us as my parents burnt the candle from both sides to establish this house. 

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