Describe a quiet place

  • Where is it?
  • When do you go there?
  • Describe the place?
  • Explain why you like the place?

I just love to visit different places with my kith and kins and some time on my own. As I am a nature lover so I always get fascinated towards mountains, greenery and peace. This is the reason that I have visited many hill stations till now. But in our day to day life we do not get this opportunity every weekend or on monthly basis. There are myriad other places which are quiet and could be approached anytime like temples, gurudwaras etc. So, here I am going to speak about one of the most  peaceful places where I often go, once a week, mostly on weekends,  to relax and to reinvent myself. It is the famous temple of Lord Shiva in our city.

I don’t get time to go there on daily basis because of my hectic work schedule. But I specifically visit this place on some particular phases of my life, like whenever I feel any sort of grief, happiness, confusion or when I have to take some vital decisions of my life. I go there, sit for a while then meditate and miraculously, I don’t know how I get the solution to all my problems. Moreover, the peaceful ambiance attracts me the most and the spiritual music also appeals to me. The devotional music played here makes the environment more positive and tranquil.

All in all, I am a devotee of Shiva and that’s why I love to spend my time there. I know he is the creator and the only one who always stay by his devotee’s side and bless them with the power to overcome all the hindrances which come in our ways. After visiting this place I feel completely rejuvenated and prepared to embrace the weals and woes which are being unfolded by destiny.



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