Speak about the competition you would like to participate in 

What Kind of competition it is?

Why do you want to participate?

How it will be useful to you?

Sample Answer

In the day and age attaining anything is not a piece of cake either it be any kind of accomplishment. But her I would like to describe about the competition in which I always wanted to be a participant. It’s the popular cooking show ‘ Master Chef ‘. This show has a huge magnificent importance in my country from almost a decade now. As, I always have had a great interest in cookery either it be vegetarian or non – vegetarian food stuff. I have even taken cooking classes from my local place. Though I would still consider myself as an amateur cook  but I eagerly want my this skill to be recognized as a professional and putting my diligent efforts to achieve the same . Adding more , I have prepared several dishes till now , which is been highly appreciated by my near and dear ones . I’m quite an expert now in preparing savoury dishes. Though making desserts is not forte , I have develop it as my habit of making pudding almost every weekend now. Moreover , I believe cooking is therapeutic. It turns messy at times , as an individual has to handle various ingredients and cooking pressure , however, it eventually turned out extremely creative and useful. This is the reason I pursued it as a hobby and now I want to be the part of my career and hence I wanted to participate in the Star plus show. This would be the tremendous opportunity and right platform for me to present my cooking skills in front of formidable Chefs. Even I had been a frequent follower of this show. Various aspiring chefs and food lovers from all around the world showcase their culinary skills in front of esteemed judge and win lot of name and fame in the cooking industry. Till now , I have watched its various five seasons. All in all , this is the competition I would like to participate.


Cross – Questions 

  1. Q.1 What kind of competitions are most popular in your country ?

A .1 There are multifarious competitions favoured in my country such as Sports, cooking , banking and various aptitude and reasoning competitive exams. Such competitions works like a stepping stone towards the success. It opens the door to the vast variety of opportunities. Moreover , it brings prosperity in the person’s life.

  1. Q.2 What qualities a good competitor must have?

A.2  I believe a good competitor must be fully determined , ambitious , diligent and should have the optimistic attitude towards the competition. Several players these days have  become stubborn towards achieving success and play foul or just in revenge. It has been considered as the most negative trait of a competitor.


Q.3 What do you think , in future the level of competition will increase or decrease ?

A.3  I firmly believe , the competition level will surely increase , as the present era has already bought the cut throat competition at every level. Moreover , due to technological advancements the competition level has escalated. Even in the coming time the creativity based competitions will be more in vogue among the youngsters.

Q.4 Which is the best competition you have watched so far , and what did you like about it ?

  1. 4 As I earlier presented views on my cooking fondness . I had watched myriad cooking based reality shows , moreover , last season’s final episode contained the most epic round. The uncertain and unforeseeable results astonished the audiences The creativity level of all the final candidates while preparing main course meal made a remarkable impact on the show.
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