Describe an important event that you celebrated.

Please say:

  • What was the event?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Why it was a happy event?

Well, in one’s life a person faces a plethora of happy and sad instants. If I have to talk about a pleasurable time that I had recently, so it would be my selection for apprenticeship under a famous wildlife photographer, Micheal AW. After I seamlessly cleared my intermediate examination with flying colors, I have been working with determination and passion in the area of my interest. And all my hard work and determination paid off when Micheal AW accepted to let me train under his supervision.

I had been waiting for this opportunity since last few years. Photography has always been my hobby and I always wished to pursue my hobby with a passion. I send some of the best pictures clicked by me to Micheal AW, I was unsure about whether he would like it or not and thought to renounces. But my brother supported me a lot and helped me in boosting my confidence. So I send the package of pictures to his office with my apprenticeship application form. I was very anxious and nervous about what might be his reply to my application. But to my great surprise, he accepted it and also commented on my work. I was really in a state of euphoria when I heard this news. I told this to my brother before telling it to everyone else in the family. He praised me for my achievement and my dedication, proactive work, and diligence which made it happen.

I embrace this news happily and we celebrated it with a party in a 5-star hotel with a 3-course meal dinner. We have invited my close friends and a few relatives. As I was in a cloud 9, I accepted their wish and later we all had sumptuous dinner and came back home. Overall, I can say that I will never forget this carrier ladder in my life as it brought a tremendous change in my life. I will always cherish how we celebrated my first professional success.

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