Describe a time when you got lost somewhere.

You should say:

  • When did it happen?
  • Who was with you?
  • What did you do?
  • How did you feel about it?
Describe a time when you got lost somewhere

Ever Since I was a child I used to be a very vigilant personality and a responsible one as well, It never happened to me that I have lost somewhere because I have a very sharp memory regarding learning the ways whenever my parents used to take me somewhere outside, they used to make me learn everyone’s phone number and believe me I am really very good in numbers. 

Still, there was a time when I was lost. I was not actually lost but my parents and other people who were with us were standing somewhere else and I was not able to find them and on top of that, there was a huge rush.

I was probably in the 5th or 6th standard when this happened. Actually, we went to attend a congregation in some other city where a gigantic number of the population participated. After the congregation, which held for over 4 hours we all were about to leave the place immediately I started feeling thirsty and asked my mother to take me to the water cooler which was quite far and on the other hand, everyone was ready to board the vehicle on which we came. Still, I went for water asking my mother that I will be right back but when I went back there was no vehicle and I thought everyone left without me. I did not panic as I was sure that my parents would not leave me like that so I stayed there and looked around for a while but when for around half an hour no one was visible to me then a family was standing near me whom I was familiar by face because they were from my hometown. Hence I asked them to call my father, I dictated the number to them and finally my parents found me. They asked me where I was, I told them I was standing right here but was not able to find you all then they told me that the driver took the car a bit farther from the decided place but it was not that far. I think I was not able to see them because of the crowd but I was really thankful to that family that they helped me to get to my parents because in this greedy world it is cumbersome for a girl child to survive and everybody wants to take advantage of girls especially when they are helpless.

All in all, that was an incident when I was lost and after that, I became more attentive about such things.

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