Describe a special cake you received from others.

You should say:

  • When it happened?
  • Where it happened?
  • Who you got the cake from?
  • And explain why it’s a special cake?

Celebrations are something that leave an indelible nostalgic impression on mind and fortunately there are umpteen moments in my life when I went through such commemorations.

One such point of time was half a decade back when I saw my name in the merit list of class 12th in a local newspaper. The moment I read the newspaper, the state of my euphoria was spellbound. That day was an extremely overjoyed and momentous day for my whole family. We got clicked by the media, my interview was there in every newspaper in my town and also my parents were feeling proud of me. Hence, to celebrate such a cherishable day my father brought a surprise cake in the evening for me. It was a double storey barbie doll cake. One was of black currant flavour and the other one was a combination of chocolate and vanilla. On the top of it, there was a doll installed and it was highly decorated with sprinklers and chocolate. When I saw the cake I was surprised as it was such a beautiful cake mixed with vibrant colours. Apart from that, Icing of the cake was with vanilla flavoured whipped cream and the bread inside was having chocolate chips in it. When we cut the cake and fed each other, the moment was really cherishable and the cake was extremely scrumptious. It was so fresh that it was melting, the moment we used to take that in our mouths. Some of the fruits like pineapple,cherries, grapes and so on, were also decorated on the top of the ground floor and the caption on the cake was “ for the success of my fairy”.

All my kith and kin were on cloud nine as no one in my family prior to that achieved this success. 

To wrap it up, such precious days should not be left without the cake cutting ceremonies and if the cake is palatable it acts like a cherry on the cake. 

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