Describe a good law in your countryDescribe a good law in your country

Please say:

  • What is the law?
  • How you came to know about this law?
  • Whom does it affect?
  • Why is it good?

Laws are framed by the system for the smooth working of the society. An absence of these laws would make our lives in utter chaos and anarchy. There are a plethora of laws worthy of this discussion, such as smoking in public areas, traffic rules while riding a four-wheeler and two-wheeler, law against domestic violence and against environmental preservation.

Today I would like to discuss the law on banning the usage of plastic bags for preserving the environment. A few years back, the pollution content in our atmosphere reached a level which raised the question on the safety of everyone’s health. I came to know about this through the internet when I was searching for a topic for my project of EVS. I was totally moved by this topic as it does not have an effect on certain someone, but on every living being in this world. It was found that the main constituent of environmental pollution is polythene or poly bags. It not only affected the lives of human but has affected the whole of the ecosystem. It not only depleted the growth of vegetation but also became the cause of death of numerous domestic animals such as cows, buffalos etc.

In the year 2016, the use of carry-bags was banned in India but the government failed to enforce it effectively. It failed due to two major reasons, first is the unavailability of an alternative of the poly bags and second is the lack of stringent laws for its effective enforcement. In the year 2018, with the motive of stopping it, this time government again implemented this law by amending new strict laws and imposing penalties. They even made the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” on World Environment Day.

Plastic in all forms is dangerous for everyone, such as carry bags, plastic bottles, and packing material have been banned and strict penalties are imposed on those who violate this law. Plastic is a non-biodegradable compound which takes millions of years to degrade completely. Hence, filling up landfill sites completely.

So, I personally perceive that this is a good law and everyone needs to cooperate by abiding by this law. People should make it a habit to carry tote bags with them where ever they go and prohibit the use of plastic bags. And avoid littering waste everywhere.

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