When was the first time you admired the sky
  • What were you doing
  • Who was with you
  • What you saw
When was the first time you admired the sky

The sky is something which nature has made it for itself by Gods and it is limitless.

I really adore the sky especially at night when it sparkles. Earlier, it did not really exist for me but once when my mother told me its importance, I started admiring it. Actually, during the initial stage of my life, approximately over two decades, there were very few amenities such as there were no inverters, no cell phones, and very little usage of internet. I vividly remember, once there was no electricity during night time and I and my parents were sleeping on the roof of our house. I was with my mother and was not feeling sleepy.  I started observing the sky and the stars, my mother noticed me and embarked telling me its significance. That day the stars were looking very flashy and shimmery. Plethora of stars were sparkling on the sky. My mother and I were counting the stars, though it was uncountable, but it was a real fun. We even encountered a shooting star and made a wish, since, she told me that it is deemed that whenever we wish something from the shooting star, our wishes always get fulfilled. She even uttered me about the pole star and its importance. That night the conversation of ours made our bonding imperishable.

All in all, that was the first time I got the acquaintance regarding the existence of the sky and the stars.