Talk about your favorite weather/ seasonTalk about your favorite weather/ season
Please say:

  • What kind of whether it is
  • When this weather usually occurs.
  • What you usually do during this weather.
  • Explain how this weather affects you.

India is a country with a diverse climatic condition. Being near the tropic of cancer India enjoys a tropical climatic environment. In India people enjoys a variety of climatic conditions such as hot summers, cold winters, wet and dry weather as well. Today, I feel great to discuss the weather I like the most; it is “Rainy season” which I admire most over other weathers. It generally falls between the month of July and stays till September. It is sometimes also called “Monsoon”. At this time of year, most of the rainfall occurs.

In my country, people mostly enjoy this weather with spicy snacks along with a hot cup of tea and coffee. Sometimes excessive rainfall may interfere with one’s daily life, as for children, they are unable to go out and play outdoor games on rainy days, and for adults, they are unable to go to their offices. Everyone is bound to stay inside their houses. Moreover, sometimes roads also get submerged under water. However, I love it because it breaks the continuum of the mundane life give people a chance to stay at home and enjoy with their family members. On rainy days I generally relaxed at home and watch rain while sitting in my balcony along with listening to soft music.