Talk about your experience at a gym.

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Talk about your experience at a gym

Owing to the hectic schedules and sedentary lifestyles, people are becoming vulnerable to several ailments at their early ages. Hence, they are turning health conscious these days and tend to maintain their health by engaging themselves in myriad things like yoga, cycling, swimming etc. In my case, I choose to avail the membership of a renowned fitness chain, Ozi gym approximately a year ago.

Last year, I gained some extra pounds which made me concerned not only because it was unhealthy, but I also had to maintain myself to look gorgeous to turn all eyes towards me in my bestie’s wedding.

To be very honest, it was exorbitant to be a member however after availing the services and getting a personalized trainer, I changed my opinion and considered it worth-spending. There are a wide array of services they offer, ranging from yoga to cross-fit section. This gym is eminent as it is maintained well, is entirely equipped with latest work-out machines and not to forget highly professional and trained instructors.

They took my initial weight readings and planned the exercises and diet accordingly; afterwards I started with the hardest part which entailed rigorous exercise routine to get rid of those extra pounds. There was a separate schedule everyday which consisted of cardio, tabata, core fitness, aerobics et cetera. Apart from these, we too enjoyed bhangra and Zumba sessions. After the intense routines, I enjoyed taking a shower or spa according to the time availability. Also, those members who attained their health-goals were often asked to narrate their experiences and journeys with others so that they can inspire them. Even I almost lost 3-4 kgs within a month and felt way better as I could feel the escalated energy level, flexibility and mental invigoration besides being salubrious.

All in all, I must admit that it was a phenomenal experience I have been through while getting my body into its proper shape and leading a salutary life.