Talk about a special date in your country history.

  • Which date is it?
  • What happened on this date?
  • What is its significance?
  • Explain, why is it important in the history of your country?

India is a country with a strong and historical background. There are interminable epitomes or events which impel one to admire Indian history: be it the invention of zero or calculation of the value of pi for the first time, compelling the British to leave our country, the events when Indian beauties won crowns in international beauty pageants or the moments of snatching the cricket world cup. All in all, India has shown its dominancy in every sphere. But today I would like to refer a particular date which made its place not only in Indian history but again on worldwide level. It was on 15th February 2017, when Indian Space Agency ISRO created a world record by launching 104 satellites successfully into the orbit in one shot

This launch took place from Sriharikota center in the morning around 9:30am. By dint of this launch, India outraced the record of Russia. Russia, earlier, had a record of launching 37 satellites in one go. Our country is known for its unique economical execution of projects and sent percent rate of success in launching foreign satellites. Out of these 104 satellites, three belonged to India. Rest were of US, Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland and UAE. Most of the satellites are being used to explore the weather and atmospheric phenomenon

It was a proud moment for all the citizens of India as it proved that a developing country like India can do wonders with such limited resources and budget by empowering the brilliance of Indian minds.