Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

Please say:

  • What did you borrow?
  • From whom you borrowed?
  • Why you borrowed?
  • When you borrowed?


People often share things with each other, hence it is rightly said that “Sharing is caring”. If I have to speak about an instance when I borrowed something from someone, then undoubtedly it would be the incident when I borrowed a tie from my classmate.

Well, I was in my final year of graduation and our term is about to end in the next 2-3 months. So or juniors planned a farewell party for us. They made lots of preparation for it. They even made an individual card to invite each one of us; moreover, they made it a theme party and set a dress code for the party. Boys had to wear suits and girls had to wear the sari. They booked the college auditorium for almost a week; it seemed they must be putting a lot of efforts into it. Therefore respecting their dedication and gratefulness, we gladly accepted their invitation to the party. It was scheduled on the 5 of the march.

After our mid-semester test was over, the day of farewell approached. I was getting ready for the party and wore the suit which I bought especially for farewell. I was almost ready when my roommate asked me about the tie. I was totally unaware that the tie is also mentioned in the prescribed dress code. To my disappointment, I was not having any tie with me at the hostel. So, I asked my roommate if he had a spare tie but he had just one.

So, I go to my classmate’s room and to my relief he was having an extra tie with which perfected with my suit. I wore it for the party and received several compliments that evening. Later, I thanked him for lending his tie to me for the evening.

Borrowing things in dire situations is something that every person does and that was the day when I borrowed something from a close friend. If not for him I could not have enjoyed that evening. I still cherish memories of the time I spent with my colleagues that day.