Talk about someone whom you think is the best parentWhat is your favorite song in childhood?
Please say:

  • What is the name of the person?
  • Where he/she resides?
  • What has he/she done?
  • How you were impressed by him/her?

Our life is incomplete without parents. Parents are the one who teaches us the meaning of life and how to survive in this world. Today, I am going to talk about a person whom I consider as the best parent, and he is non-other than my father, the head of my family with whom I spend most of my time.

My father is a really kind and considerate person. When I was a little child, he took good care of me and taught me good teachings and never let me go out of his sight. Today also, whenever I have some trouble, he has always been there for me and helps me get through the adverse situation. He always tried to inculcate good habits in me and my siblings and told us moral stories based on humanity, punctuality, and kindness.

As I have grown up, my father has become my best friend. I can share my interests, my career plans or even things. Especially when I get depressed, he provides me the support that I need to carry out that work. To me, he is a role model whom I always look up to and follow in his footsteps. He constantly reminds me that I have to try my best in everything no matter what I choose to pursue and achieve success in this life. Although I love all my family, I love him the most because he is so special to me.

To be a good parent, a person needs to fundamentally focus on the welfare and future of the children. They need to dedicate themselves and carry out responsibilities with utmost care. They need to look after their children’s growth in a good environment with proper education and morality. And I feel blessed to have the best of them.