Talk about any leisure time activity which you love to do?
Please say
What is the activity?
-When do you do it?
-Where do you do it?
-How do you feel about it?

Leisure time is one in which a person perform activities without any restrictions to relax themselves. Most of my time is consumed in daily routine activities and office work. I hardly get any personal time on week days but on weekends I like to go for dancing in a multi-activity club which is located nearby my home.

Dancing fills my soul with joy, it rejoices me and fills me with energy. It makes me happy and passionate towards life. I love to dance on Punjabi songs. I have learned many dance forms from my dance trainer such as classical Indian dance, bhangra, contemporary, salsa, samba, hip-hop etc. But my favorite is bhangra, although it is very weary dance form. My dance trainer is herself a national level dance performer. She has represented Indian classical dance form in eight different countries and has won numerous awards in regards to her dancing skills and her passion. Although she is in her forties she still has the same passion as seven years ago, at the time when I went to her for learning. I really get motivated when I listen to her stories but I do not want to make it my profession. It acts as a stress buster for me and makes me feel relaxed. I have plethora of hobbies like playing Sudoku, football, reading etc but dance is my poison.

All in all, I can say that it is one of the best leisure time activities which one can pursue. It not only rejuvenates me but also acts as a physical workout and helps me keep myself fit and spry. I wish to continue this leisure activity as long as I can.