Talk about an occasion when you couldn’t use your mobile phone.

  • What was the situation?
  • Who was with you? 
  • Why were you not able to use the mobile phone?
Talk about an occasion when you couldn't use your mobile phone.

There are various occasions when mobile phones are not allowed to be used such as in examination halls, interviews, while driving a vehicle, and so on. However, there can be few circumstances where one cannot use the same even if he is willing to do so.

I vividly remember, a few years back, when mobile phones became extravagantly annoying in every sort of crowd be it any kind of session, official meetings etcetera, it used to distract the flow of the same. My phone also rang and that too on a loud volume and its echo was audible to every single person sitting in the room, which was really very embarrassing. Actually, I was in the middle of a spiritual congregation where around 500 disciples were sitting around and chanting the god’s name. They were so immersed in it that when suddenly my phone rang they got distracted and started staring at me. One of the followers quietly asked me to get up and leave the place but I apologized and put my cell phone on silent mode because if I would leave that place, it would be more inconvenient for me as well as for others to give me space to get out of the room. Hence, I assure them that it would not happen again and please let me sit. My boss was ringing me and I was not able to attend his call, owing to which he yelled at me afterward. It was a significant call as there was some deal going on and my superior was looking for some information which only I was knowing. Consequently, we had to wash our hands from this deal and our company faced a lot of crises because of it. Even after a few days, I received a warning letter from the company’s chairman.

So, this was the time when it was cumbersome for me to use my phone and as a result, many people had to bear the brunt.