Talk about an occasion when someone made a noise that disturbed you.

You should say:

  • when it happened
  • who made the noise
  • where it was
  • explain how you felt about it.
Talk about an occasion when someone made a noise that disturbed you

Staying in a peaceful aura is everybody’s right and I just love solace. I come from a family where speaking less is a symbol of a mature person. Everybody in my family stays calm and quiet and they believe in the philosophy that action speaks louder than words.

Frankly speaking, the atmosphere of my family is very studious and individuals there like to be engrossed in some or the other reading stuff, be it any book, journal, textbook, or even newspaper. They just do not like to be disturbed. Similarly, a few months back I was just preparing for my semester exams and in my neighborhood, there was a wedding party, the same day.  I was a bit worried because the concepts were really cumbersome and I was not able to understand it. On top of that, the noise of the party was exceptionally irritating and that too in the midnight, when it is illegal in my area. It is the law in my area that no one can play the music after 10 pm. I asked my father to tell them that it’s too late, if you do not want to turn it off, at least slow it down so that people in your neighborhood can stay peacefully but they denied and did not reduce the volume. Hence, it affected my performance in the exam and I received a “B grade”. Though, it did not affect my parents much but yes I  was really upset. I was wondering if I should enroll myself in MBBS but it was not possible now. Therefore, I took admission in the commerce stream and today I am pursuing M.Com (Masters of Commerce) and looking forward to getting a good job with a handsome salary package.

In the end, I must say that single night and the disturbance of that night is making me pay off for the rest of my life and as a result, I am not able to fulfill my desire of seeing the patients in the hospital.