Talk about a time when you visited a farm or met with a farmer.

You should say:

  • When did you visit a farm?

  • What kind of farm it was?

  • Why did you visit it?

  • How do you feel about it?

Talk about a time when you visited a farm or met with a farmer

 Although urbanization has paved the way to transform open spaces into concrete jungles, natural farms are still ubiquitous in the countryside. A farm is an area of land that is devoted primarily to agricultural processes or livestock rearing with the primary objective of producing food and other products.    

 Although most of the people in my hometown are engaged in agricultural practices, I never got an opportunity to visit a proper farm until recently. Around 4-5 months ago, I got to visit a dairy farm nearby my maternal aunt’s home in Sirmaur where I was staying for a few days. It was one fine Sunday morning, when we decided to break the monotonous routine which we were following for months in cities by visiting a dairy farm of my aunt’s acquaintance in the vicinity. I was accompanied by my siblings and we reached there around 11am by a car and were received by the owner, Mr Jatin. The car was parked at the gate from where we walked in the entire farm which seemed like we were in the lap of nature. Its name is Super organic farm, which is spread in an area of 2 acre where hundreds of cows are reared along with other livestock like chickens, horses, sheep etc. Proper maintenance and utilization of this area has ensured that its lush green mesmerizing view captivated us.

Mr Jatin shared his story with us about how he conceived the idea of setting it up, what were its prerequisites and how he managed it. He showed us the sheds of the cattle, the area where they stock their fodder, the milking area and equipment installed to milk the cows, refrigerate that and packing etc. He also took us to the vegetable garden which has been used to cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables like mangoes, litchis, tomatoes, eggplants etc. Other enchanting views relished were of natural well, flowers, big trees with wooden swings and tree houses. It was a fulfilling and invigorating day as after taking a tour of the farm, we decided to heal our souls with the warmth of sun, cool breezes and an overlook of a vast stretch of greenery. 

At last, I would say that people of rural India are those who believe in leading their lives in a minimalistic way, which is the only reason why nature is still preserved in these primitive remote areas, towards which the city dwellers often get fascinated.