Talk about a time when you read a map.

You should say:

  • When it was?

  • Why you read it?

  • Was it difficult to use?

  • Explain how you felt about it?

Talk about a time when you read a map

While dealing with the familiar routes or areas of the vicinity, everyone is confident as they have memorized these. In contrast, when it comes to explore or travel to new destinations, it is easy to lose the tracks and get lost. That is the reason why people, nowadays, tend to rely on navigation apps or e-maps. As I am a travel freak, I use Google maps frequently to keep a watchful eye on my track whether I am heading in the right direction or not.

Here, I would like to share an incident when I used map to get to my destination. It was an year ago, in the month of April, me and my bestie decided to break our monotonous routine by taking a rejuvenating short vacation in a nearby hill station, Solan. We booked a cottage of Tag resort online and set out from Chandigarh to Solan on a pleasant Friday evening after the office. It was getting dark but we were not worried since we were using our own car. I had been to Solan earlier, a couple of times, so I enjoyed driving through lush green valleys. As per the hotel’s brochure, it was located in a village which was around 16kms from the highway. We were dubious about this part of our journey and it was already dark so we couldn’t find anybody to ask their help.    

In order to keep going, I switched my Google map on and entered the name of the destination. With its guidance, we continued and at last arrived at the hotel around 10pm. Using google maps is convenient as its interface is user friendly and the audio instructions are really helpful to follow the track. Along with these, its feature of anticipating the time to get on the destination is of great help. On reaching there, I felt fortunate to be a tech-savvy, which helped us to get there safely.

All in all, these e-maps with their precise information can be relied upon and are far easy to follow as compared to the traditional ones.