​Talk about a time when someone or something annoyed you.

You should say:

  • Who/what it was?

  • Where it happened?

  • And explain why it annoyed you?

Well, I believe in tranquility and solace and whenever someone tries to hamper it, I feel really infuriated. A similar incident happened with me when I planned something really engaging for me.  

It was last month only when I visited my sister’s place. Actually, I was planning to visit her for so long and was not getting a chance to do so. Hence, that day it was the festival of Janmashtami and we all were having a day off. So, I thought that why not to spend the day with my dear sister as it has been ages when we met and conversed.  


Therefore, my husband dropped me to her place on that very fine day and I was really very excited that I will share my feelings and emotions with her after a long time and even our children also share a brilliant camaraderie with each other, so they will also have a fun filled time. Before reaching her place we paid homage in the temple which is just next to her house. Subsequently, I stepped into her house and was glad to see her.

The moment we started chatting suddenly the voice of spiritual chanting began to occur which was interrupting our conversation and I must say it was really annoying. I stayed there for at least two hours and that noise was continuously disturbing us. Initially, I thought that it would stop after sometime till then we had some snacks with tea but as it was lord krishna’s birth occasion it was not going to be 

halted and I realised this after two long hours.

Hence I asked my children whether we should leave, they also agreed to my decision and we left. My sister was apologising for the same but I said that it was not her fault, instead, we should have taken the occasion into consideration and your place which is adjacent to the temple.however, in all these circumstances, one good thing happened to us and that is the homage we paid to God in his house, which might not be possible without this plan, because on this festival the temples remain overcrowded. 

All in all this was the time when the loud noise made me feel annoyed and spoiled my holiday except the temple visit. 

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