Model Answer 2

Talk about a strange animal you like the most.

  • Which animal it is
  • Why do you like
  • What is strange about it


Animals are considered the most wonderful life form on earth. Apart from that, animals are considered as our companions, our workers. I think the importance of animals in human life extends beyond just-food. On a similar note, marine animals hugely important in our lives. Since childhood, I have had a great curiosity to learn the fun facts about marine animals, particularly dolphins. The strange animal, which I ever got to know about is Irrawaddy Dolphin. This freshwater subpopulation occurs in the river of the Bay of Bengal and Asia. This particular dolphin has the most distinctive look among other dolphins. It has long, broad pectoral fins that help them maneuver with ease through the water. It’s lackluster coloring consisting a darker grey on their topside and light grey underneath. Most of the oceanographers consider it a slow swimmer. I had even watched various documentaries on television based on this animal life. I always had a great peculiarity in knowing about these species. However, it is at the risk of extinction due to the construction of dams, deforestation, and mining. Even the recent worst tragedy on the death of fishes on such a large scale due to the pollution from sugar mill has endangered the aquatic life in the state Punjab. Hence, being a Thalassophile, particularly the one who consider sea the ‘Happy Place’ must preserve the aquatic animals. Recently, even the usage of plastic has been banned as the microplastic is not ocean-friendly. Even one should try to make sustainable seafood choices.T he carbon footprint and the energy consumption should be reduced. All in all, animals should be conserved by taking these small initiatives, which could, later on, proved to be the prominent one in saving the marine species.


Q.1 How can we save animals from getting extinct?

A.1 Looking at the present scenario, the first effective step is to take the pledge to go vegan. Opting the diet as well as daily use products made of eco- friendly material should be the priority. Apart from this, don’t support animal usage in entertainment. Refuse this cruelty by never visiting places such as Zoos, Marine parks, and Circuses. And last, try to participate in volunteer activities involving animal safety.

Q- 2. Why do people have pets in their homes?

A.2 Most of the people these days keep pets because of day to day stressful life. Due to the trend of micronuclear families, people have started keeping pets at their homes as it works like a Stress – Buster to them. Moreover, pets such as, cats or dogs are considered as the most adorable pets that is why people love to keep pets at their homes.

Q .3 Earlier people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their works?

A- 3. In earlier times, people used to prefer domestic animals for agricultural works. But with the flip of time, individuals have to start opting for technological equipment for accomplishing their myriad tasks, such as tractors in fields instead of cows or bulls. Apart from this, people use two-wheelers or four-wheelers to travel long or short distances instead of preferring horses or Cart.

Q- 4. So many animals are getting extinct. What do you think why is this happening?

A- 4. The greatest reason behind it is Global warming and Human Ignorance. As the world is becoming more materialistic, deforestation is taking place on a huge scale. The habitat and particular environment for animals is getting destroyed as a consequence, which is adversely affecting the number of species from getting disappear.

Talk about a strange animal you like the most.

Please say:

  • Which animal it is?
  • Why do you like?
  • Why is it a strange animal?

The world possesses a vast range of biodiversity by dint of its geographic and climatic features. There are almost 8.7 million species of animals on this earth. Among them,  if you ask me I think, the most fascinating animals on earth are birds. The bird I am really fond of is the parrot. I like them because of their vibrant colors and ability to mimic human talk. The strange animal which I want to speak about is Macaw, member of the parrot family.

Parrots have a friendly nature which makes them the darling of everyone. Once in my childhood, when we visited my paternal uncle’s house, we visited the zoo in that city which is considerably famous for birds. There I witnessed various species of parrots and Macaw was one of them. they are commonly seen in the Amazonian rainforests. Macaws are said to be the giant parrots, it is astonishing to know that there are 22 different species of macaws of which some are extinct and some are in the list of endangered species. One particular characteristic that is obvious to all species of macaws is the rings about their eyes. One can easily recognize them knowing this prominent trait. Like most of other parrots macaws also have strong beaks and some of them are strong enough to even crack the coconut shells. They have a brilliant plumage which can have a wingspan of around 4 to 5 feet.

Same as humans these birds have different personalities. They are loyal companions and can live up to 80 to 90 years of age. Macaws need interaction with people to reiterate so that they do not grow bored.

Many of its species have been extinct as they are hunted and poached because of their beauty and rarity. This may disturb the ecological balance in nature. Many are still under the threat of extinction. We must take necessary steps to provide then clean habitat for their survival and stabilizing the balance of the ecosystem.