Talk about a person who taught you a skill when you were a child.

  • Who is he?
  • What he taught you?
  • How you felt after learning it?
Talk about a person who taught you a skill when you were a child.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding, which is an enduring process? There is no age for learning. I was also having desires to grab the things as much as I can and I did too.

I vividly remember, it was the time of summers, long time back, I was having a keen interest in cycling. I insisted my father to teach me and after depicting some tantrums, he got convinced. I started my classes with full zest and zeal. Initially, I was so excited about it but, when I held the handle of the cycle I was quite jittery, took God’s name, and commenced it by following my father’s instructions. I encountered that, everything was vice versa, I was thinking of something else but the things were going exactly opposite. I thought that learning how to ride a bike will be fun, however, it was not that much easier. A great level of concentration was needed to tackle multiple things simultaneously and that too on the streets of a bustling town. However, initially, I learnt it in a public park but it was not safe for the small children playing in it and the pedestrians who came for the walk as well, so after taking the initial lessons I switched on the road, at the end of my learning period, I succeeded. Today, I am much more confident and expert in balancing the vehicles. 

I think being independent is everybody’s right as well as the need for an hour, especially for females. We don’t need to stay dependent on anyone at any stage of our lives.

Apart from this, why I was inclined towards it was due to my intervening personality. I eagerly grasp the new things. It not only adds a spice in the daily monotonous routine but also provides a chance to flourish ourselves.

All in all, that was a skill that I learned zealously and very happy after grabbing it from my father.